Collection: Our VIP Memberships

Our VIP Memberships are not just about pampering you, They are about giving you the treatment you deserve to show yourself love, gratitude and respect.

Skinlab Face Fitness verses regular facial treatments -  NO Machine can replace the POWER of the skill and knowledge of a highly trained face fitness expert.

And in the same way we work out our body at the gym each week to gain results, we can also train our facial muscles for maximum face lifting results .

Another reason why Skinlab Face Fitness is the only choice...Unlike all other face gym / face work treatments, our Facial workouts are done in a private treatment studio with highly trained professionals…so don’t worry you’re not in public view like other salons or clinics. 

If you are still not 100% convinced that a Skinlab Face Fitness Membership is your key to snatched and sculpted skin, please reach out so we can show you why.