Collection: Face Fitness Treatments

All Skinlab Face Fitness treatments are by appointment only

Theresa has been one of Australia's most sought after holistic facialists for more than 36 years. Her expertise in Buccal facial massage, a technique that eludes many facialists, has garnered attention from movie stars, models, and government officials worldwide. It's not considered a luxury; instead, her rare skill set in this technique has created a global demand, drawing clients from various backgrounds eager to experience the unique benefits her buccal fusion techniques offer.

More than advanced skin renewal, our Signature Hands buccal fusion facial treats your facial muscles from the neck upwards, sculpting your face, relieving jaw tension and headaches, and aiding with lymphatic drainage to depuff, oxygenate the blood, and increase circulation. You to will soon recognise her unparalleled skill in a technique that few practitioners can master. 

At SKINLAB Face Fitness, we combine signature collagen boosting workouts, with highly active skincare and advanced technology to boost collagen, lift, tighten and sculpt the skin and facial muscles like never before. Although we have more than 20 major facial muscles in our face, its these major muscles that visibly show signs of aging.

*Every NEW client requires a Skin Consultation