Did you know we were Australia's OG's in facial fitness?

Introducing our prestigious boutique salon, where 35+ years of experience meet the pursuit
of facial fitness and radiant skin. Skinlab Face Fitness has mastered the art of skincare and facial fitness, ensuring your journey towards radiant and beautiful skin is nothing short of extraordinary.

What sets Skinlab Face Fitness apart is our unwavering commitment to personalised service. We specialise in ‘Facial Fitness’, crafted by using traditional sculpting and defining facial massage, targeting specific muscle groups in our face to keep the skin plump, toned and firm, just as we do with the rest of our body at the gym. Our unique treatments go beyond the conventional beauty routine.

Using our exquisite tailor-made high-performance skincare products, that have been expertly engineered by our Skin Alchemist, targeting individual skin conditions and the rising concern of aging. We have combined active ingredients with cutting edge technology to gain maximum results in the salon and for you at home. We know we can help give you the ultimate skin confidence…

To maintain this high standard, we operate strictly by appointment only, ensuring that you receive the undivided attention and care you deserve, creating a truly bespoke experience that is tailored to your needs. We believe that every client deserves to feel extraordinary, and our passionate team is dedicated to
surpassing your expectations, leaving you feeling confident, revitalized and amazing.

We invite you to step into our elegant boutique and experience the ultimate skincare transformation today and discover the secret to glowing, beautiful skin and embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation...we know you are going to love it!

SKINLAB Face Fitness

28 Bougainville Street Griffith ACT 2603
(Opposite the ANZ Bank Manuka)

Tel: 0447074167