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Face Fitness Workout - Signature Hands Buccal Fusion Facial

Face Fitness Workout - Signature Hands Buccal Fusion Facial

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Looking for the ultimate facial workout?


This Face Fitness Workout has been crafted by using traditional sculpting and defining facial massage, targeting specific muscle groups in our face to keep the skin plump, toned and firm, just as we do with the rest of our body.

Theresa has been one of Australia's most sought after holistic facialists for over 36 years. Her expertise in Buccal facial massage and facial architecture, a technique that eludes many facialists, has garnered attention from movie stars, models, and government officials worldwide. It's not considered a luxury; instead, her rare skill set in this technique has created a global demand, drawing clients from various backgrounds eager to experience the unique benefits she offers. buccal fusion techniques.

More than advanced skin renewal, our Signature Hands buccal fusion facial treats your facial muscles from the neck upwards, sculpting your face, relieving jaw tension and headaches, and aiding with lymphatic drainage to depuff, oxygenate the blood, and increase circulation. You to will soon recognise her unparalleled skill in a technique that few practitioners can master. 

Our face, scalp and neck are made up of more than 2 dozen major muscles, and in the same way we work out our body at the gym, we can also train our facial muscles...just as with regular exercise. Unlike most face gym / face work treatments, our Facial workouts are done in a private treatment room…don’t worry you’re not in public view like other salons or clinics.

Regular SKINLAB Face Fitness workouts tighten the skin and reduce signs of aging, stimulate the facial muscles, improve collagen production and strengthen muscle memory…such a great alternative to Botox, fillers or other invasive facial treatments.

Facial Fitness consistency is the key with 1 x session per week for 6 weeks (plus homecare) is recommended for those wanting the best, lasting results.

When booking the series of 6 treatments, purchase the special discounted price on a weekly payment plan. We will contact you to book your appointments 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michelle Pavel
Signature Hands, it's more like Magical Hands - wow

Never have I experienced anything like this treatment, I can feel my skin lifting and the fat melting away as Theresa works her magic. Love it x


This facial is better than anything else I've tried. I've been to FaceGym in London and Mecca in Sydney which was mediocre compared to this facial. I've tried Botox that made me feel weird. I'm a facial junkie and I love how this treatment relaxed my jaw and gave me an instant lift. My eyebrows were lifted, my skin was glowing and I felt amazing. The products are beautiful and I'm loving my Skinlab Microcurrent Skin Device and my Gua Sha tool. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Maree T
This is a game changer

I clench my jaw and wow this is the best treatment I have had to relive the pain and tension in my jaw. Theresa has magical hands and I have to say she is the best facial therapist I have ever been to (including overseas). You have to try this one